Cookies Policy

1) What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files comprised of text and numbers downloaded to your device when you access digital media (in particular our websites).

We use cookies primarily to recognize you when you reconnect to our media and to present you with content that is likely to interest you.


2) How do you change the settings for Cookies?

The default parameters for web browsers are normally set to accept cookies, but you can easily change this by modifying the settings on your web browser. However, you should note that if you choose not to accept cookies, certain portions of our media may no longer be accessible.

For more information as to settings for Cookies please consult:


3) What types of Cookies do we use?

Depending upon the media in question, we install Cookies, in particular, in order to:

  • identify you when you return to our media and in particular in order to get to know you better and to offer you a personalized browsing experience;
  • ensure safe browsing and in particular to fight against fraud;
  • offer content related to your likely interests, including advertisements; and
  • propose marketing offers that take account of your preferences and your recent purchases.


4) Do we use third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies may be installed on your device and are aimed at personalizing and/or improving the content (including the advertisements) which may be offered to you during navigation. Depending upon the media, several third-party cookies are capable of being installed, in particular:

  • Social Network Content: we may include on our site embedded content from social networks. When you consult such embedded content included on our media, a cookie from the corresponding social network may be installed on your device. Please consult the cookie management policy of the social network at the relevant site.
  • Flash: Flash cookies are files stored by Flash Player®. This software is often installed as an extension in web browsers in order to view dynamic content, such as, for example, graphic animations or video sequences. As a consequence, Flash cookies may be installed when accessing Flash Player content. Please consult the Adobe Flash Player privacy policy at


5) Do we install cookies via third-party media?

We may install our cookies via collaborating third-party media which display advertisements for our brands and products. These cookies are principally aimed at offering you content adapted to your likely interests and measuring consultation of our content (including advertisements).


6) What cookies are included with this media?

Cookie Status (Mandatory/ Optional) Identification of the Cookie Purpose of the Cookie
Identity CookieMandatory[To be determined]Identification of the web user during their connection to the site.
Google Analytics – Unique VisitorOptional__utmaEach visitor to a web page is attributed a unique identity. In consequence a single visitor is attributed the same identity on each visit and is not counted twice.