Q1. What is the procedure to register?

Register and file your entry using the online entry form. To know more about the 3 easy steps to participate watch the video “How to participate” in section “What the awards are”

Q2. What is the eligibility for participation?

Any Indian hair professional/ hairdresser/ salon owner/ salon employee/ professional freelancer can participate. You must be 18 years of age or above.

Q3.  Do I have to necessarily be a professional hair stylist? Can I participate if I am a student?

Sure, you can participate even if you are a student provided you are 18 years of age or above.

Q4. Do I need to have a certification in any hairstyling course to be able to participate?

No, you do not need to have any certificate in any hairstyling course to be able to participate.

Q5. How many entries are allowed per participant?

Only one entry allowed per participant. Participant should choose the category & look he/she can portray her talent in the best way, for participation.

Q6. Can I register under my salon’s name, or do I need to register under my personal name?

You can register under your salon’s name or your personal name, both.

Q7. Can I change the images submitted with my application if I accidentally uploaded the wrong ones?

Sure, you can write back to us on and we shall reconsider your entry with the new set of images.

Q8. In ‘Step 2’ it says that we can select one or more category but in ‘Step 3’ we are only allowed to select one category. What does this mean?

In Step 2, you can select all the skills that you are capable of, hence, this allows you to select more than one skill. In Step 3, you select the category of skill you wish you participate in. You will have to upload your work images as per this category of skill. You will be judged and shortlisted for the semi-finals basis these pictures.

Q9. Will I be receiving a certificate for participation?

Yes, all participants will receive and e-certificate for participation.

Q10. Who are the judges?

Industry experts and international celebrity stylists like Savio John Pereira, Joakim Roos and Yolly Ten Koppel, along with technical experts from Streax Professional. Please visit the section “Who the judges are” on the homepage.

Q11. What’s the duration of the competition?

The competition is live from July 15 to October 2, 2022.

Q12. What does the winner get?

The winner stands a chance to win cash prize of INR 5,00,000/-, a 3Days 2 nights sponsored trip to Paris Fashion Week, 1 year contract with Streax Professional, profiling story on Times of India, certificate of participation and a trophy. For more information, please visit the section “What the winners get” 

Q13. Is the trip to Paris Fashion Week fully sponsored?

Flight tickets for 1 person with 3 days 2 nights’ stay will be sponsored. Travel insurance, internal transport, food & beverage cost to be borne by traveler. For more information, please visit the section “What the winners get”

Q14. Who would be helping with the visa process for Paris and is the visa sponsored?

The visa process is to be handled by the traveler. However, we will help you and introduce you to a relevant travel agent in case there is any difficulty you face.

Q15. When is Paris Fashion Week?

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2023 will be held in January – February 2023. The final dates of travel will be confirmed to the winners in November 2022.

Q16. How long will the contract with Streax Professional be?

Winner gets to sign a 1-year contract with Streax Professional to be a part of their annual collection 2023. For more information, please visit the section “What the winners get”.

Q17. What are the benefits/outcome of the contract with Streax Professional?

You will be gaining working experience with one of India’s leading hair colour and care brand and playing a pivotal role in making the new 2023 Streax Professional Hair Colour Collection that will be marketed across the country.

Q18. How will the price money be given?

Prize money will be given via account payee cheque. Contestant must have a valid and active bank account.

Q19. Are any taxes applicable to the price money?

Tax will be deducted at source as per Indian Laws.

Q20. When will the profiling in Times of India happen?

The profiling in The Times of India will take place between October 7 – 15, 2022

Q21. How many winners or people would receive a reward?

Winner, first runner up, second runner up and 7 finalists who would be awarded a cash prize and certificate. For more information, please visit the section “What the winners get” 

Q22. Where is the final round being hosted?

The grand finale will be hosted at the Bombay Times fashion Week on the 22nd of October 2022 at The St. Regis, Mumbai. Visit the homepage to know more on all the important dates.

Q23. If shortlisted, can family members accompany us to Mumbai?

Yes, you can most certainly invite your family members if you are in the finals. Appropriate seating and passes shall be provided by us. However, stay & transportation for Finalists and their family members will not be sponsored by the organization. For more information visit the “Rules” page on the website.

Q24. Do I have to get my own hair kit, or would it be provided by the brand?

Participants to use /get their own hair tools. Participants to use only Streax Professional products for the competition which will be provided for at the venue. For more information visit the “Rules” page on the website.

Q25. For the semi-finals do we have to get our own models, or will they be assigned to us?

Participants to bring along one volunteer model for the semi-final round in the competition. Models should not back out on the day of the semi-final. If so, then the participants will get disqualified. For more information, visit the “Rules” page on the website.

Q26. Can the look be done on a dummy?

Looks must be done on live models only. For more information visit the “Rules” page. 

Q27. Can we use hair extensions or accessories?

No, participants are not allowed to use hair extensions or any accessories on the models. Visit the “Rules” page for more information.

Q28. Are styling products allowed?

Yes. Participants to use only Streax Professional products for the competition which will be provided at the venue. For more information visit the “Rules” page on the website.

Q29. For the semi-finals and finals, will styling equipment be provided to us or do we have to carry our own?

You will have to carry your own equipment and tools for the semi-finals as well as finals. Products and live models shall be provided by us for the finals.

Q30. Can we use male models?

You can use male models only for the Men’s Creative Cut & Colour Category. For more information visit the “Awards category” section on the website.

Q31. In how many hours do we need to complete the cut/colour & styling?

Don’t worry, you will get appropriate time to accomplish the task. This information will be given to the semi-finalists when they are shortlisted.

Q32. Last date to register?

6th August – West Zone, Mumbai

12th August – North Zone, Gurgaon

21st August – South Zone, Bangalore

27th August – East Zone, Kolkata

3rd September – North East Zone, Guwahati

Q33. By when will I be informed if I am shortlisted for the semi-finals?

You will be informed if you are shortlisted 6 days before the date of the semi-finals. For more information, please visit the section “Important Dates” on the homepage.

Q34. Who do I reach out to if I have further queries that need to be resolved?

You may write to us on and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.